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      About GCGS
      Carrying century-lasting classics to serve life of customers
      Business Scope
      What we do
      Building an internationally competitive
      consumer goods and service group
      Strategic Partners
      On May 5th, the 135th Canton Fair successfully came to conclusion.At this Canton Fair, Guangzhou Textiles Industry & Trade Holdings Ltd. introduced eye-catching and profitable "new quality" achievements, showcasing a new image of innovative development to global customers with new materials, new technologies and new processes. We successfully transformed customer "flow" into market "growth" and secured on-site transaction orders worth over a million US dollars, including chemical raw materials, plastic raw materials and products, clothing, etc.
      GUANGZHOU PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO., LTD.is committed to integrating trade and practical aspects, fostering synergy between the trade sector and physical manufacturing, thereby cultivating novel advantages and propelling developmental impetus. It endeavors to initiate the first quarter on a strong footing.